A great article on childhood anxiety…


Anxiety is a huge issue among children who have had disruption and trauma in their lives.  It manifested itself in a variety of ways in our own children.  They struggled to sleep, battled chronic stomach aches and had irrational fears of things like bathrooms.

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Powerful Posts on Adoption!!!

Holding Hands

I came across this today and just had to share…

Finding the Lovely, has been running a series of guest posts on adoption and they are simply POWERFUL!

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Where is the HELP?!

This is far too common…

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For about 20% of adoptive families find themselves in REALLY difficult situations.  Although it makes sense why the kids are struggling, considering their background.  It still leaves the family scrambling to know how to cope.  We can ‘understand’, ’empathize’ and even fully grasp the ins and outs of trauma and attachment disorder, but understanding and empathizing doesn’t keep your other kids safe or you sane.  And when it comes right down to keeping your family safe, there is just no easy answer!

This is not what any parent envisions for the child that they love.  And until we walk in very similar shoes, its impossible to really know how it must feel to make these heart wrenching choices.

But what am I saying?…what choices?  The lack of choices, resources, HELP is so devastatingly scarce.  If there were good choices, she might not be in this situation at all.